What is .Net

.Net is not a language; it is a framework that can incorporate multiple languages. Source code is first pre-compiled into something called MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language) and then translated into actual executables. Out of the box, .Net supports VB.Net, JScript.Net, C#, and C++. Third-party products are available to extend .Net to supporting other languages, including Perl, Python, and PHP.

.NET provides an object oriented environment. It ensures safe execution of the code by performing required runtime validations. For example, it is never possible to access an element of an array outside the boundary. Similarly, it is not possible to a program to write into another programs area, etc. The runtime validations performed by .NET makes the entire environment robust.


Scope Of .Net

.NET is now a major technology compare to java in deciding jobs. They are plenty of jobs are available in job market for .Net freshers. .Net is now the best technology to learn compare to any other technology because of cool features that are not given any technology available. A person can work as .net Developer.If u want to be the master in it, first select the specific language in .Net choose any one u r interested like VB.Net, C, Visual.

Why Should Go For .Net